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Kajal Agarwal as Goan girl in ‘Singam’ Wallpaper |Bollywood Celebrities| Download HD Wallpapers

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Download HD Wallpapers Kajal as Goan girl in ‘Singam’

Kajal Agarwal who is making her debut in Hindi version of ‘Singam’ with Ajay Devgn is playing the role of a Goan girl. She herself revealed this to the media recently.
Though Anushka Shetty played the role in Tamil and Telugu versions of this film, Kajal bagged it in Hindi. When asked if she would imitate Anushka in Hindi version, she said,
“Absolutely not. I am playing the role of a Goan girl in this movie. It is made according to the sensibilities of Hindi audience. I have started shooting for this film. Infact my role has been re-written completely for this film. Anushka did a great job in ‘Singam’ that released as ‘Yamudu’ in Telugu. If I have any doubts on the role, I will certainly contact her” Kajal said.
Riding high on success with ‘Darling’, ‘Mr Perfect’ and ‘Brindavanam’, Kajal is now number one heroine in Tollywood. She is being talked about as the next Soundarya, thanks to her roles. We are yet to see how her career in Bollywood shapes up.
Kajal as Goan girl in ‘Singam’

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